Antique Square Piano by John Broadwood and Sons 1831

Antique Square Piano by John Broadwood and Sons 1831

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Beautiful Antique Square Piano by John Broadwood & Sons. Much loved piano in full working order and good condition which has been regularly played by my mother since purchase 15 years ago. The piano has been restored by Lucy Coad of the Square Piano ( The piano does need to be tuned as it hasn’t been played for several months.



Manufactured in 1831, markings in ink: R. Baillie on top of key 66, markings stamped: Webber on underside of fretted panel. It is dated in the usual way on the lowest key 25-03 -31 so the instrument was completed some time after this date.  It is inscribed ‘Makers to His Majesty etc.,  which refers to George IV.   



Internally, the piano is in excellent condition.  It is one of the last with the divided bridge, which gives an acoustically-correct longer scale to the first steel strings (steel is both lighter and stronger than brass, so the longer scale allows a more even tension).  The separate bridge carries the lower overspun and brass strings.



Located near Burford in West Oxfordshire, the piano needs to be picked up by the 9th August.



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Location: Burford