Chappell Upright Piano Elysian 85 Keys

Chappell Upright Piano Elysian 85 Keys

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Chappell Elysian upright, 85 keys.

Needs to make space for a digital/portable piano setup – grand shame as it’s a lovely weighty playing old upright.

It was tuned a few years ago and the tuner said it is likely from the ’30s – I can’t find any definitive dating guide online. Serial number inside casing is 57986.

One sticky key, A twice above middle C.

It’s a really robust, warm old sounding piano – a few jazz pianists I’ve rehearsed with have said it’s got a nice action and feel and their piano hands are far more talented than mine!

Collection from Bromley BR2.

On ground floor with one little step to get over and out the back gate.

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Location: Bromley