Kawai MP7 se 88 note stage piano

Kawai MP7 se  88 note stage piano

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Unfortunately an unwanted gift ,but a very impressive sounding piano. Purchased 3 months ago from Promenade music in Morecambe .Its in showroom condition and with a new price of over 1300.00 represents a very good buy
Kawai MP7SE… The Performer’s Stage Piano 
With stunning Acoustic Pianos, Vintage Electric Pianos, Classic Tonewheel Organ, Masterful MIDI Controller and Impeccable feel, the Kawai MP7SE is the stage piano for the professional musician that does not accept compromise.

The Performer’s Stage Piano 
A class-leading action, hundreds of great sounds and superb real-time control. When it comes to outstanding live performance, there’s one board that guarantees success. Kawai MP7 – the flexible, all-in-one stage piano for flexible, play-it-all musicians.

Stunning Acoustic Pianos 
A variety of beautiful concert, jazz and pop grand pianos and a full-bodied traditional upright – appropriately voiced and mic’d for a broad range of musical styles. Enjoy playing the original sounds or delve into the powerful Virtual Technician to adjust the piano beneath your fingertips.

Class-Leading Keyboard 
The class-leading Responsive Hammer II keyboard action recreates the touch of an acoustic grand, with realistic movement providing a smooth, natural playing experience. Triple-sensor key detection, ivory-like surfaces and authentic let-off simulation ensure the MP7 performs like the real thing.

Cherished Vintage EPs 
A treasure trove of authentic tine, reed and modern electric pianos, crunchy clavs and a striking electric grand – lovingly sampled to preserve their characteristics and imperfections. Play them clean or plug into over 100 different effects, each with a variety of fully tweakable parameters.

All New Effects Engineg 
The MP7’s powerful audio processor elevates sonic realism to another level with brand new, high resolution effects. Apply richly modelled resonances to acoustic piano sounds, warm-up EPs with analogue-style amp sims and recreate distinctive reverb environments – all at the touch of a button.

Classic Tonewheel Organs 
A brand new tonewheel organ simulation, complete with 9 real-time adjustable drawbars, direct panel percussion controls and authentic chorus/vibrato. Tweak the organ’s rotary speaker characteristics and use the MP7’s mixer faders to adjust onscreen drawbar registrations.

Powerful 4-Zone System 
Four independently configurable zones for controlling internal sounds, external MIDI devices or both at the same time. Sturdy hardware level faders provide immediate control over rich multi-voice layers, while improved split functionality allows any zone to be effortlessly split or assigned to a custom key range.

Inspiring Subsidiary Sounds 
Studio quality strings, pads, basses and other essential sounds suitable for creating splits, layering with acoustic pianos and EPs or for simply playing solo. Tweak each voice using comprehensive ADSR parameters or fatten the overall sound with flexible parametric EQ.

Accessible & Intuitive Panel 
A large graphic LCD display, four asItem Includes
Kawai MP7SE 88-Key The Performer’s Stage PianoF-10H Pedal Unit with Half-Damper SupportMusic RestPower Cable

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