Late 19th Century Parlour Organ

Late 19th Century Parlour Organ

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A low-back parlor organ made by the Cornish piano company in Washington New Jersey c.1885. It’s in working condition but definitely in need of a makeover. Bought by my grandfather in the 50s, the wood casing is still in very good condition, and the pedals, keyboard and stops all work fine, but it is fair to say that the internal pipework and the seals are not what they once were and will need replacing. I don’t know the exact weight but it does have wheels and is easily lifted by two people. The dimensions are 1 metre wide, 58cm deep and 1.2 metres at the highest point. 
I would really like to find this instrument a new home before I move rather than do anything else with it.  


Thank you. 

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Category: Musical Instruments:Keyboards and Pianos:Organs
Location: Tonbridge