Leslie 125 Rotary Speaker in South Wales – collect only

Leslie 125 Rotary Speaker in South Wales - collect only

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According to Captain Foldback at http://www.captain-foldback.com/Leslie_sub/leslie_model_guide.htm the 125 is 33in high, has a 6W interface and has these characteristics:


Bottom rotor only with a 12″ full range speaker. Relatively inexpensive, 20W amplifier. Early versions of model 125 used the amplifier from its predecessor model 25 (see below). Later model 125 cabinets are marked ‘Leslie 125’. In both cases the speaker could be obtained without an amplifier for use with spinet organs (speaker was powered by the organ’s own amplifier). Model 120, 110 and 113 are all similar to model 125 but has a simpler cabinet and no amplifier.



We are also disposing of a Hammond Aurora organ – free to collect, but that is probably not in working order.



Sadly keen to clear away ancestors belongings.

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Category: Musical Instruments:Keyboards and Pianos:Organs
Location: Llanelli