M-AUDIO,Keystation 49 MkIII MasterKeyboard 49 Tasti USB e MIDI

M-AUDIO,Keystation 49  MkIII   MasterKeyboard 49 Tasti USB e MIDI

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 Keystation 49 MkIII MasterKeyboard 49 Tasti USB e MIDI
DESCRIPTION :Dal professionista alla ricerca della master keyboard ideale, al neofita che sta cercando il controller MIDI USB per iniziare, Keystation 49 MK3 una keyboard controller semplice ma potente, progettata per suonare strumenti virtuali e creare musica su Mac, PC e iOS

Keystation 49 MK3 dotata di tasti synth action full-size sensibili alla dinamica, e controlli dedicati in grado di aumentare le capacit espressive e migliorare il flusso di lav
MUSIC INSIDEIn the heart, in the head, in the air. In the beat of your days, in what you breath, in what you do, in what you say. In what you think. In your strongest and most sincere passions. The music that leads your choices, guides your decisions. The music that rules. Rock, rhythm, art, anger, love, ideals, guitar. Life.Musicarte is life. The life of Paolo Luzi, a musician, an enterpreneur and a visionary, born in 1975, who had the idea to open a one-of-a-kind shop and a reference point without equal in Italy. One thousand square meters of passion. An unparalleled offer that shows commitment and proficiency. Guitars, basses and amplifiers have marked the origins of the store and the Italian musical scene for twenty years. And then also keyboards, drums, sound systems and home recording came. An in-depth, specialized and accurate musical offering for those who love music and live for it. As Oscar Wilde used to say, “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best”.

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Category: Musical Instruments:Keyboards and Pianos:Electronic Keyboards
Location: Chiaravalle