‘modern’ Yamaha 3 rank reed organ scruffy case but good playing order. UK ONLY,

'modern' Yamaha 3 rank reed organ scruffy case but good playing order. UK ONLY,

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I have never seen another like it in the UK. I have seen a folding smaller one, and a similar one has recently been on Ebay. Photos to follow….



This is at A440, unlike very many of the pre WW1 and WW2 ones, so is useful!  I have used it as a backup for the Rossini Messe: you can get away with all of it apart from the fugal solo…but since that was written for piano, no problem!



There are 3 rows of reeds 8′, 8′,  4′, split at middle C.  There is a Forte stop, and also a very effective knee swell.



42″ wide


19″ deep


35.5″ tall.



It is robustly built    the sides are 7/8″ blockboard,  the bellows are good and very little effort is needed to pump it.  The sides would easily take a pair of french-style handles.



TH BAD NEWS is that the case has a couple of burn marks , and quite a few scratches.  Ideally, either it needs to  be stripped and polished, or perhaps painted matt and decorated like a harpsichord might be? The wood finish is very plain , so painting seems the better option.Colour is a rather personal thing, and my choice might well not suit everybody….It owes me rather a lot and I would like to breal evenif possible!


Strictly collection only. I welcome any inspection, but this will be difficult since Ebay does not allow contact before purchase, so perhaps cash on collection?

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