Modern ZENDER Piano – FREE Delivery England and Wales, Scotland and N.I. P.O.A.

Modern ZENDER Piano - FREE Delivery England and Wales, Scotland and N.I. P.O.A.

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  We are a small husband and wife team, involved in the restoration of pianos for 25 years  and we specialise in vintage 1930’s instruments.  
ZENDER  Piano. This is not an ex school piano.                                              

The action has been overhauled and functions perfectly.

Dimensions: 98cm  high      134cm wide     49cm  deep

The  casework is in good condition with the odd minor scratch .
The mechanism has been inspected, cleaned and overhauled.  It is in first-class working order.
The strings have been tuned to concert pitch.
The soundboard has been cleaned and polished. 
The keyboard has been removed, cleaned and presents  no chipped keys.
All the fittings, hinges, pedals, lock etc.  have been removed, inspected and replaced.
It has been regulated and tuned by our trusted technician.

A delightful  and reliable instrument with a rich, warm tone. The touch is medium and regular, the full length of the keyboard. Tuned to concert pitch, it will not disappoint its next owner.
This piano comes with a 3 month Warranty.

Delivery Charges:  FREE  for England & Wales (ground floor, kerbside*), supplement for remote Scotland and N.I. due to transport costs.

If you require a quote for delivery or further information about the piano, please message me on eBay.
*kerbside- The piano will be installed in your home  free of charge unless particular access problems are present in which case it is best to arrange before delivery.

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