Technics SX-KN1400

Technics SX-KN1400

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Keyboard – 61 keys (with initial touch)


Sound Generator – PCM


Max. polyphony – 64 notes


Sounds – 247 sounds + 13 drum kits


Sound group – Piano, Guitar, Strings & vocal, Brass, Mallet & Orch Perc, Organ & accordion, Sax & Woodwind, Synth & dance, GM special, Bass, Drum kits


GM sounds – 128 sounds


Effect – Sustain, Digital effect, DSP effect x 2, Acoustic illusion, Digital reverb


Part select – Right 1, Right 2, Left


Transpose – G-C-F flat


Rhythms – 128 Rhythms – 4 variations each


Rhythm groups – 8 & 16 beat, Rock & pop, Funk & soul, Dance pop, Ballad, Swing & jazz, USA trad, Country, March & Waltz, Latin, World


Controls – Main volume, Balance, Mute, Conductor, Start/stop, Intro & ending 1, 2, Fill in 1, 2, Count intro, Synchro & break, Tempo/program, Tap tempo, Fade in/out, Split point


Performance pads – 20 banks x 6 pads with solo, Stop/record, Auto setting


Auto play chord – Mode: One finger, Fingered, Pianist, Memory, On bass, Chord finger, Left hold


Panel memory – 3 banks x 8, Next bank, Bank view


Sequencer – 16 tracks, Resolution: 1/96 per beat, Storage capacity: Approx. 40,000 notes (10 song max), Input modes: Easy record, Realtime record, Step record, Functions: Create, Edit


Composer – 5 parts, Accomp 1, 2, 3, Drums, Storage capacity: Approx 10,000 notes, Input modes: Easy composer, Realtime record, Step record, Functions: Pattern copy, Seq to composer copy, Load single composer, Bend range set, Memory: 3 banks x 10 (variation 1-4, Intro 1, 2, Fill in 1, 2, Ending 1, 2)


Disk drive –  3.5″ floppy disk drive for 2HD (1.44MB), 2DD (720KB), Load, Save, Direct play, Song medley, Disk tools, Preferences


Sound setting – Part setting, Master tuning, Key scaling, Techni-chord, Reverb and EQ presents, Reverb, Equalizer, DSP effect, Acoustic illusion


Sound edit – Easy edit, Tone select, Tone layer, Pitch, Filter, Amplitude, Digital effect, Controller, Memory: 40, 1 User drum kit


MIDI – Part setting, Control messages, Realtime messages, Common setting, Input/output setting, MIDI presets, Sysex bulk dump, General MIDI, Prog change MIDI out, P. Mem output, Computer connection, MIDI settings load option


Display – LCD, Page , Contrast, Exit, Display hold


Terminals – Phones, Foot SW, Exp pedal, Line out (R/R+L, L), Computer, MIDI (In/out)


Output – 16 W (8W x 2)


Speakers – 12cm x 2


Power requirement – DC in 12v : with SY-AD6 or SY-AD6B 


Dimensions (W x H x D) – 105.6cm x 16.2cm x 40.4cm


Net weight – 9.3kg (not including stand)


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Category: Musical Instruments:Keyboards and Pianos:Electronic Keyboards
Location: Newchurch, Isle of Wight